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Welcome to EHS' Pediatric Medical Billing Services, committed to optimizing your pediatric practice's financial processes for improved efficiency and revenue cycles. At EHS, our experienced team simplifies the complexities of pediatric billing, ensuring accurate coding for vaccination records and navigating modifiers and bundling requirements. We understand the challenges faced by in-house staff in pediatric practices, from managing waiting times to maintaining vaccination records and ensuring compliance with government policies.

Outsource your billing tasks to EHS!

Let's take advantage of our specialized services, covering prior authorizations, submitting claims, managing accounts receivable, handling denials, and ensuring credentialing. No matter the size of your practice, EHS is here to collaborate with you in constructing a revenue cycle without leaks. This enables you to concentrate on providing outstanding care to your young patients.

Benefit for Pediatrics Medical Billing

Pain management centers face unique challenges due to the prevalence of chronic pain affecting over 100 million Americans. Common issues include claim denials, administrative delays, and insurance eligibility verification.

Pediatrics Medical Billing Solutions

Managing the diverse range of conditions, procedures, treatments, and preventive care for children demands a specialized approach. EHS maintains a smooth revenue cycle through precise coding and efficient claim submission processes. Our HIPAA-compliant services guarantee cleaner claims, minimizing re-files and appeals.

Certified Billing Specialists

Our skilled billing specialists oversee crucial administrative tasks, ensuring prompt payment for healthcare services. By adhering to standard billing protocols, we maintain a continuous revenue flow for your pediatric practice.

Compliance Rules & Regulations

Our Pediatrics Medical Billing Services strictly adhere to state-specific billing rules and laws. Recognizing the importance of health laws, we facilitate your practice in submitting billing claims while ensuring security and compliance with health objectives.

Electronic Claim Submission

Utilizing industry-standard billing software, we submit electronic claims for pediatric patients, ensuring faster, accurate submissions with fewer rejections.

Why Choose EHS for Pediatric Medical Billing?

Choose EHS for Pediatric Medical Billing Services, where we enable pediatricians to focus on providing exceptional care while ensuring administrative and financial excellence.

Improved Revenue

Rely on EHS for precise coding and documentation, resulting in higher reimbursements and improved cash flow. Our commitment lies in maximizing your revenue potential by implementing thorough billing procedures.

Accelerated Payments

Our effective management of claims and timely follow-ups speed up payments, reducing delays in revenue. EHS guarantees your practice receives payments promptly, maintaining a healthy financial outlook.

Access to Expertise

EHS enables your practice to stay ahead by keeping you well-informed about the latest industry changes through our billing professionals. They guarantee compliance and maximize revenue, offering access to a dedicated team committed to staying current with evolving billing standards.

Focus on Patient Care

By assigning billing tasks to EHS, pediatricians can focus on providing quality care and nurturing patient relationships. We take care of administrative burdens, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on the well-being of your young patients.

Frequently Asked Questions about Extended Health Services

Everything you need to know about the Extended Health Services.

We strictly adhere to state-specific billing rules and laws, ensuring secure submissions aligned with health coverage objectives.

We lower expenses and optimize efficiency by managing inquiries and billing processes cost-effectively.

Excellence, accuracy, and a defect-free revenue cycle, with persistent follow-up and prior authorization to avoid denials.

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